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On May 30th, 1964, Jim Walters exchanged vows with Lynda Springfield at the United Methodist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The happy couple settled into a life where Jim, the sharp young seminary graduate, became a favorite professor at a small, private college, and Lynda took care of their two boys, worked in the library, and served as Jim's secretary, typing his dissertation on a borrowed typewriter. 

Thirteen years into the marriage, double vision started. Followed by stumbling. Occasionally her feet would not respond when she wanted to walk. Finally, in early 1977, Jim took Lynda to a hospital for testing. 

Four weeks later Lynda was diagnosed with a "demyelinating disease" later identified as Multiple Sclerosis. The disease progressively destroyed Lynda's nervous system. Slowly it took away control of every function of her body. Walking, holding her children, eventually even the ability to speak were all taken away. In January 2012, after 35 years of fighting M.S., Lynda passed away. 

Ironically, it was the methodical, unceasing attack of M.S. that revealed not only the strength of Jim and Lynda's commitment in better or worse, but a true love greater than the loves in the fairy tales and story books. Their joy in each other through unceasing trial moved their friends, students, and colleagues to fight for their own marriages. Jim and Lynda's relationship did not just serve as an example of what is good in marriage, it inspired others to seek the best their relationships offered. 

In our search for great stories that entertain, edify, and inspire on the big screen, we believe telling the love story of Jim and Lynda will positively contribute to society's discussion of what marriage means. More importantly, we believe the audience will be moved by a deeper understanding of true love, the sacrifice it takes, and the joy it brings. 

Jacob Roebuck
Director/Producer, Loving Lynda

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