Project Update

Friends and Supporters,

I wanted to reach out and give you and update on the Loving Lynda project. Many of you have given your time, resources and heart to see the story of Jim and Lynda told. It has been over three years since we shot the footage and nearly that long since we previewed an early cut at JBU homecoming. 

Myself and co-director/editor Neil Gowan have produced several edits since the version we showed at homecoming, but all of them have had serious structure or pacing issues. We are both passionate about telling this story right, and have been pushing ourselves and this project to make the film amazing. 

Of course this has always been an low-budget endeavor, and the money ran out several years ago. I have personally put tens of thousands of dollars into the project in addition to my time. Since we have used up our budget we have had to push the project forward in spare time, which has further slowed things down. In spite of receiving no pay in the last several years, Neil has also put in countless hours working between other projects that pay the bills to solve this puzzle. 

Academy Award-winning director Brad Bird once said, “Our films are never truly finished. We just get to stop at our deadline.” We are keenly aware that this film needs to ship. Neil and I (and our families) both need to close this project and move on. You, our wonderful supporters, need to see the return on your contribution to this project. 

We are setting a deadline of this summer to finish Loving Lynda. We will make the film as good as possible within that time frame, and put it out there for better or worse and see what God does with it. 

Thanks for you patience. Feel free to contact me directly with any questions, comments or concerns. 

Kind Regards,

Jacob Roebuck
Loving Lynda






February 2016

We are honored to be telling the story of Jim and Lynda Walters on the big screen and your support is making this possible. We wanted to send out the latest on our progress, so you would know how the project is coming along. 

As many of you are aware, we showed an early rough cut at a John Brown University homecoming special event in October to an audience of 500. We also screened the film with a small focus group in my home town of Roswell, New Mexico. While the film went over well, we received some insightful feedback on how we could improve it dramatically.

Our team’s guiding principle has been to make the movie in a way that will draw in the largest possible audience to maximize the impact of their true love story. The cut of the film we had fell short of that principle, so after a creative break, we returned to the editing room last December. 

We hoped to release the film this spring, but have decided not to rush the project out the door, opting to maximize the quality of the story and caliber of the art. 

At this point, the earliest the film will be released is Fall 2016. We will keep you posted on our progress. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.