Jacob Roebuck - Producer/Director - Jacob leads the creative team at Roebuck Media. He wrote and produced Coyote County Loser and wrote and directed CAMP.  He is directing and producing Loving Lynda. He holds a B.S. in Communications and a M.S. in Leadership and Ethics from John Brown University. 
Joshua D. Kimmis - Assistant Director & Unit Production Manager - Josh is a talented writer and cinematographer who just graduated from John Brown University with a B.S. in Digital Cinema. 
Karson Holbrook - Director of Photography - Karson is an up and coming Director of Photography. He recently graduated from John Brown University with a B.S. in Digital Cinema. He is both talented and highly knowledgable. We're very happy to have him heading up our camera department.
Neil Gowan - Editor - A highly talented editor who has shared great enthusiasm and excitement in working on Loving Lynda. Some of his past works include 3-2-1 Penguins! and VeggieTales: Abe and the Amazing Promise.
Steve Snediker Consultant - Steve has a BS in Communications (Broadcasting) from John Brown University and an MFA in Digital Cinema from National University. Besides his award-winning narrative film “Carlisle’s Secret”, Steve has recently completed a documentary entitled “Amazin’Grace: Standing Room Only” and an experimental film entitled “LEVI: A Day – A Lifetime.” He works as Assistant Professor of Visual Arts - Cinema at John Brown University.
Evan Grae Davis - Consultant - Evan Grae Davis has traveled the world with camera in hand for nearly two decades advocating for social justice through writing and directing short documentaries and educational videos mobilizing support for non-profits and NGO's championing the cause of the poor and exploited.
John Owen - 1st AC - Being one of the oldest members of the team, John is also one of the most talented. While brining an air of professionalism, he always strives to for the best lighting a gaffer can offer. John is currently enrolled in the Cinema program at John Brown University.

Lauren Addington - Assistant to the Producer - As she's about to finish up her Senior year in John Brown University's Cinema program, Lauren has made herself an invaluable member of the Roebuck Media Team. She's a very well rounded and gifted person with an ambitious personality. 
Joel Nizza - Researcher & Set PA - Joel is one of our resident members of the Loving Lynda Research Team. Having grown up in such exciting places like Hawaii and Vietnam, he offers a plethora of knowledge and enthusiasm. A true team player who is currently in his last year in John Brown University's Cinema Program. 
Kaitlyn Thompson - Researcher & Set PA - Kaitlyn, who also worked on CAMP, is one of Roebuck Media's Research Team members as well as our resident enthusiast. She brings both joy and exuberance to the team and we are all glad to have her back. She is about embark on her last year in John Brown University's Cinema Program. 
Krisha Mason - Researcher & Set PA - As she is also about to finish her last year in John Brown University's Cinema Program, Krisha has already proven herself an invaluable member of Roebuck Media. Her intentionality and determined personality has already generated great headway into our research on the documentary.