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"My niece was a student of his and shared the video with me. I was so moved by their story of love and commitment. Good luck with your project!"

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"The story of Uncle Jim and Aunt Lynda goes much deeper for those of us who witnessed it on a daily basis. I never knew there was any other way to love. Being the youngest cousin, I didn't realize exactly what was going on. My aunt went from needing help walking into my grandma's house every Sunday night to being wheeled in by my uncle. Maybe I didn't realize the severity bc I never saw a negative thought or feeling come across on those evenings with family. We heard about the latest treatments they were trying, from beesting therapy to never wearing the color pink, but my uncle and aunt always had a smile on there faces and they always brought smiles to ours. Uncle Jim was always quick with a pun but Aunt Lynda always had a smart aleck remark of her own even when it got harder to talk.
I only know now exactly what Uncle Jim's daily duties might have entailed but even with all that he never missed a birthday or Christmas. His presents even made us laugh. He put so much thought into them, including but not limited to, the lime green clunker car covered in dirt and leaves he delivered to my house for my 16th birthday! He baked me a 'chocolate' pie made of pinecones, short sheeted my bed and of course taught me the fine art of punning!
It would be amazing if you could spread Uncle Jim and Aunt Lynda's love to the country. Good Luck!

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"I don't believe I ever saw her without a smile. And how could she *not* smile, surrounded by love like she was."

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"It was a blessing to contribute to this project! Looking forward to the completed project and praying that it will impact many lives and marriages in the future."

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"We need more edifying, encouraging, true love stories on the big screen – can't wait to see this finished!"

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"I always want to support Roebuck Media in any upcoming project they choose to attempt! They are professionals who seek to bring the plight of the 'underdog' to the forefront of public thought and strive to make us always think of others and the betterment of the human condition! If only more filmmakers would put the good of others before the almighty dollar, we would enjoy going to movies more! Good luck with this project!!"

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"I have been emotionally moved by watching Dr. Walters take care of his wife in a wheel chair from the days my daughters first came to JBU which was about 25 years ago. I did not know him personally. I first remember seeing him with her in the gymnasium for a special event. Every time I saw him through the years he was with his wife and lovingly taking care of her every need. The years following were always the same, the two of them always together. It seemed that where he went, she went. I had a friend who was a student in one of his evening classes who told me how he took care of his wife in his classroom at the same time he was teaching the class. She said he would just walk over and take care of her need and keep right on teaching without interruption. My friend was impressed with that kind of devotion. What an amazing example of Christ like love!!"

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"I never understood why she was able to function less. I only knew that they never missed a beat. They were at my Grandmother's house every Sunday evening for our family gatherings. They were always taking in movies, plays, restaurants, and other cultural events and sharing the stories with us. Uncle Jim was always the "play by play" guy but Aunt Lynda was the color commentary. Even when her words were fewer and harder to form. They see that truth is always seen and never heard. They were truth in action, in gesture, in life, love, and happiness. I've seen nothing truer, and I doubt that I ever will."

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"(From contributor): One of my favorite Jim Walters stories is from when I was taking a class at JBU from him. I don't recall how we got on the subject, but Dr. Walters started talking about how preachers can take practically anything and turn it into an object lesson for a sermon. He then used a telephone pole as an example, and started rattling off all of these theological lessons that could be drawn from a humble telephone pole. His ability to do connect theological truth to some random object in the world we live in, was amazing. I have always enjoyed (and continue to enjoy!) talking to Jim, knowing that our conversations will always go in unexpected and fun directions.
(From contributor's spouse): I always enjoyed and admired seeing Jim and Lynda go just about everywhere together. He always treated her with the utmost respect and tenderness. There was one time, a couple months before Lynda got ill and passed away that they had come into our restaurant with their kids and grandkids. I don't remember exactly what the conversation was, but Jim had said something punny (as he often does) and I made some sort of smart-mouth remark in return. I heard Lynda behind him burst out laughing, and I looked at her and said, "You know how he is, don't you." Her eyes just shone with mischievousness. I know that even though she couldn't move much (if at all) or speak easily at this point, she still had a sharp mind and was very much still part of activities and fun times with her family. This little interaction and others like these were neat to observe, because it showed how much love and companionship Jim and Lynda shared.

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"Thank you Jim & Linda for sharing your lives with us. It has been a blessing - Randy & Cindy"

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"The vows, "in sickness and in health; till death do us part" were lived out and not just spoken by this couple." I remember two things: 1. I first met Jim Walters when I took one of his classes at JBU (Bible Doctrines I believe). It was a required course for all JBU students, so many in the class were not there because they wanted to be, myself included. Jim is a "pun-ster" 2. The love between Jim and Lynda was always very evident to me. I remember them coming to a DaySpring Best To You sale in the evening one year in the 90s. Lynda was wheel-chair bound for quite sometime by that time. After they had finished shopping Jim left Lynda by the register in her wheel-chair to go and get their van to pull it up by the building to get her. While she was waiting for Jim to come back, I walked up to her to and said something flippant like "Did that guy go off and leave you?" She looked up at me with a smile and responded very sincerely "Jim would never leave me." I could tell that it was a response that was deeper than simply a flippant response to my flippant question. I could sense the love and commitment between them both.""

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"We believe this movie will impact many, many marriages in our society. The time is right."

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"Beautiful story. Glad to be a part of it."

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"Most difficult (though one of the shortest) assignments I ever received came from one of Dr. Walters' Bible classes at JBU. The assignment: In one week and on less than one page using only your Bible as reference material, describe "the glory of God." Yeah right. Just try to do that. The harder you try, the more indescribable you find that God's glory is! Whether Dr. Walters--yes, even nearly 40 years later, it's still hard to just call him "Jim"--was dishing out his own unique form of "pun"ishment in class or Jim and Lynda were opening their home to groups of us college kids to just hang out on one of many weekend evenings, their lives have been impacting countless thousands of students (and others) since long before Lynda was diagnosed with MS and that entirely different "where the rubber meets the road" part of their lives began. May the Lord help you to faithfully capture just a few glimpses of how His glory continues to be incarnated in this fallen world through "fire-tested" lives of servants like Jim and Lynda. With our prayers and blessings upon your work!"